FrencDSC_0228_EDITh Creole Productions, a stage and film production company, was the logical next step in the career of its founder, Norma J. Thomas.

A decade out of the University of Houston, degreed in Theatre and English Education, enjoying a dual career as Performing Artist & Arts Educator, Screen Actors Guild card in hand, sights on the bright lights of Hollywood, Norma J. Thomas determined that if she was to enjoy the full career she desired, she would have to write the plays and produce the films worthy of her talent, which depicted women of color as they were not as Hollywood perceived them. She determined also that she would strive to nurture, develop, and train young talent to do the same, and utilize the Arts as a tool of outreach and exposure to her local community.

Over the next five years Norma would engage in a self-designed study of film, develop SumAct, a summer theatre youth program, training young performers, employing university theatre majors, and promoting quality theatre. Out of SumAct grew the Speech Choir of Houston, a tour group of young performers. Scape Productions, a non-profit, was developed to foster all of these creative efforts. Through Scape Productions, came projects like Inter-Generational Theatre, bringing children and elders together. Norma’s original production, “Yellock’s Diner”, was featured at the Texas Conference on Aging.  In places like the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program where theatre and creative writing were used in working with teenage fathers, at youth conferences, women’s conferences, corporate events and more, Scape Productions took the Arts and Arts Education to the Houston community.

SitSat Encouraged by the notoriety her work was gaining through these efforts, as well as in Theatre and Film Festivals, and ready, also, to put her newly acquired film making and screenwriting skills to the test, Norma founded French Creole Productions. FCP has been the banner under which stage plays, musicals, short films, PSA’s, music videos, web series and more have been produced. Among Norma’s favorites are:

By the Waters of Babylon
Tappin’ on My Last Nerve
Church Anniversary
You Tappin’ on My Last Nerve 2
Harvest Moon
Church Ladies
Do Something
Wizard of Swag
Urban Christmas
Lest We Forget
The Black Keys

FCP is the proud big sister to NT Conservatory, Inc.,  ThomZar Playhouse, NT Studios, and The NJT Network. FCP is proud to introduce its newest proteges, dancing – acting -writing –  modeling duo, Bibi’s Girls!